There’s a New Generation iPad…But Still No RFID

For those of you who have been waiting patiently for the Apple product launch event at the Yerba Buena Center in San Fran to hear about the new “iPad 3,” I would like to apologize for holding your breath because it was a pretty big disappointment.   First, there is no iPad 3, or iPad … Continue reading


Now Introducing a Really Smart RFID Washing Machine.

There are so many rules when it comes to doing laundry. You have to separate your colors and whites, towels and linens, make a dry cleaning pile, and then there’s our personal preferences for separation – everyone has their own rules. But beyond that, we have to decide what we are going to put in … Continue reading


Dance to the Beat of my…RFID?

I think it’s obvious to any consumer that when you go shopping you are more likely to stay in a store that is playing music that you like. Clearly, everyone has different taste in music; my mother would steer clear from Abercrombie because of the loud blaring club music, but would be inclined to enter … Continue reading

rfid beer

Does Your Office Serve You Free Beer? This One Does Using RFID.

Your office’s lounge area probably consists of a vending machine, a soda machine, a microwave and if you’re lucky, maybe some couches and a TV.  The lucky employees at the Boston headquarters of Arnold Worldwide have it much better than all of us do. Way better. They have a vending machine outfitted with an RFID … Continue reading

rfid modern warfare

Activision Puts The RFID In Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Disclaimer: this post will make any die-hard Call of Duty fan very envious, not mention angry for not knowing about or attending this event. Anyone who has ever owned this game, or has a boyfriend that owns this game knows that it consumes your (or their) lives. I have never been a COD fan, I … Continue reading


Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s Roll Out the Big (RFID) Guns

My favorite store has come quite a long way over the years.  The original Bloomingdale’s store was a few attached townhouses on East 60th street which still bear the legend “Bloomingdale Brothers.” (Actually, the very first original store was on East 56th street, but I digress.) Today, it is a complex of attached buildings that … Continue reading

RFID Survey: More than One Third of Companies Surveyed are Using RFID Technology

CYBRA Corporation, the developer of award-winning MarkMagicTM Bar Code Labels, RFID Tags, and Electronic Forms Software and EdgeMagic® Integrated RFID Control Software, just released the findings of their latest customer survey of RFID trends. A detailed analysis of the results from the recent RFID survey carried out by CYBRA Corporation showed that 67% of organizations … Continue reading


Do You Lack Self Control? NBG, RFID Will Take Care Of That.

Everyone loves to eat, and according to everyone the higher the calories, the better the taste. The obvious problem is that consuming high amounts of calories is horrible for you, no matter how delicious your delectable treat is. People also tend to be completely oblivious as to how many calories their food contains, but even … Continue reading

Hotel Housekeepers No Longer Have To Worry About Their Safety

Imagine entering numerous supposed unoccupied hotel rooms every single day, not knowing what lurks behind the closed door. Housekeepers face this situation day after day, and many fear for their safety. Last year Kimberly Phillips, a hotel housekeeper, sued the Kentucky hotel where she worked because when she unlocked the door to the room where … Continue reading


Stock Traders To Be Tracked By RFID

The New York Stock Exchange is no stranger to fraud. Ponzi schemes, insider trading, pumping and dumping are all synonymous with The Stock Exchange. Stock fraud happens, and it happens more often than we all think, and millions (if not billions) of dollars are lost every year as a result. To help reduce the problem … Continue reading


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